How to archive emails in Outlook in 2021

Topic: How to archive emails in Outlook?

how to archive emails in outlook in 2021

How to archive emails in Outlook: Do you wonder why all of a sudden, your Outlook has started working improperly and slowly? Sending or receiving emails is taking longer than it used to take. The reason behind it is your mailbox is full of emails and is bloating. You need to free up space and declutter your Outlook inbox and sent items. But you cannot delete all those emails because they are essential, so do not worry; there is a win-win solution to it. You can free up your mailbox space and will not lose any of your important emails. Like any other email provider, Outlook also has a feature of Email Archiving.

How to archieve emails in Outlook Window?

Archiving email is a process in which you move the emails from your inbox to the local drive. Sometimes you exceed the Outlook email receiving quota, and then the system gives you the warning to free up space, and you have no other option but to Archive the emails.  Apart from the emails, you can archive the notes, tasks, and the calendar.

There are two methods to archive emails in the Microsoft Outlook window.

  1. Manually Archive the Emails.
  2. Auto Archive the Outlook Emails:

This article will guide you about both the methods step by step.

  • Manually Archive the Outlook Emails:

It is so simple to archive the emails manually. There are few steps to follow.

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click on the File bar. It will open a menu bar.
  1. Now hit the Archive, and a window will pop up.
  2. From that window, you can select the folders and the subfolders you want to archive.
  3. It would be best if you navigate where you want to save the .pst file.

Note: You can locate the archived email files by following this path: C\ Users\ \ App Data \ Local\ MicrosoftOutook.

  1. If you already have enabled the auto-archive feature, check the “Do not Auto archive” box.
  2. Click OK.

Note: after you save the achieve file on your system’s hard drive, you can burn it on the CD too for long-term storage and convenience. In most of the Outlook version, the archive file is saved on the local disc under the name of Personal Folder.

  • Auto Archive the Outlook Window Emails:

If you want the system to archive the old emails automatically, you can enable the auto-archive feature.

  1. Go to the File on your Outlook.
  2. From there, click Option.
  3. Then Hit the Advance.
  4. Here you can find Auto Archive. Under this tab, hit Auto Archive Settings.
  5. Now hit the Auto Archive every n days. Here you have to specify how the time after which you want the auto archives.

Achieving the Emails on Outlook Web:

If you are a Microsoft Outlook Web user, you can still archive the old emails.

  1. Open the Outlook Web Inbox.
  2. Select the email you want to archive.
  3. Click the Archive button. You can find it on the top menu bar.
  1. If you want to view the archive email, go to the Archive folder on the left panel.

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