How to Conference Call on Android in 2021?

Topic: How to Conference Call on Android?

How to Conference Call on Android in 2021

Conference calls are not something that you are not familiar with. In the old times, landline telephones were used for conference calls, but now as mobile phones have taken over the telephones, you can conference call on mobile devices. Read more about How to Conference Call on Android?

How to Conference Call on Android?

This article will tell you how to make a conference call on android mobile. It will discuss every step along with images to make t more clear and easy for you. Read more about How to Conference Call on Android?

What is a conference call?

A conference call means that multiple people join a telephone call at the same time. It can be an audio call or a video call.

Prerequisite of a conference call:

Before making a conference call, you have to consider all the following points.

  1. No. of Participants:

Before making a conference call, you should know how many people will be on a call because most android phones allow only five or six participants on a conference call.

Note: if you want more than six people on a conference call, many apps allow up to 50 participants. Download the app from the play store and install it on your android phone.

  • Make sure everyone is available:

Communicate conference call date and timing with all the participants and make sure everyone availability

  • video conference call:

Sometimes you need a video conference call to share some visual information, for instance, documents, etc. But it will be very costly, so the best option is to share all the images and documents with the participants before the Conference call and tell them to have them in front of them during the conference call.

How to make a conference call on android?

It is effortless and straightforward to make a conference call on android. Here are the steps to make a conference call on an android phone.

  1. Add all the participants’ mobile phone numbers to your contact list.
  2. Select a first participant and make a call.
  1. When the call is answered, click on the Add call icon.
  1. Select the second participant from your contact list. It will put the first participant on hold.
  1. When the second participant answers the call, press the Merge button.
  1. Repeat the same steps to add more participants to the conference call.

What are the benefits of making a conference call?

There are many benefits of the conference calls such as:

  1. In this covid-19 pandemic, everyone should observe social distancing to save themselves and others from the virus contraction. But that does not mean that the work should stop. People worldwide are doing work from home, and for business meetings, conference calls are one of the best options.
  2. It is cost-effective. Going for face-to-face meetings is costly because you have to bear the travel expenses like taxi or plane or train fare. And if you are going to another city for the meeting then do not forget the stay expenses. A telephone conference call saves both your money and time.

Conference calls are location-independent, and you do not have to wait for everyone to gather at one location for a meeting when it is an emergency. Make a conference call to get everyone on board and discuss the matter.

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