How to disable Laptop Keyboard in 2021?

Topic: How to disable Laptop Keyboard?

How to disable Laptop Keyboard in 2021

Let’s suppose your laptop fell or has spilled coffee on your laptop keyboard, and it is not working now. No need to panic! It is 2021; there is a solution to every problem. You can use an external keyboard permanently or until you fixed your laptop keyboard.

To use the external keyboard, first, you need to disable your laptop keyboard. It is straightforward, will take few steps, and will be done within few moments.

Disabling the laptop keyboard is different from removing the keyboard from the PC. For the PC, all you have to do is remove the port, but disabling for disabling the laptop keyboard, and you have to perform a few steps.

Here we will tell you how to disable the laptop keyboard temporarily and permanently. Please stick to the article as it is a step-by-step guide.

Disabling laptop Keyboard temporarily:

If you want to disable your laptop keyboard for some time, like maybe until you restart your laptop, you need to uninstall the keyboard driver. Do not worry about the reinstalling of the driver because the windows operating system support automatic install features, and when you restart your laptop, the keyboard driver will install automatically.

The steps to disable the laptop keyboard temporarily are

  1. The first step is to open the Device Manager. Now, there are two ways to open the Device Manager. You can choose any way that looks easy to you.
  • The first way to open device Manager is to click on the Start button and open the Devices and Printers.
  • The second and a bit complicated way is to open the Run dialog box. You can open the Run dialog box by holding the pressing window button and pressing the R button.
  • When a dialog box appears, type devmgmt.msc in it.
  1. After you open the Device Manager with whichever way you like, navigate down to the keyboard you want to disable.
  1. The final step is to uninstall the keyboard.

Note: After uninstalling the laptop keyboard, do not restart your laptop because it will automatically install the keyboard driver. 

Disabling Laptop Keyboard Permanently:

If you think that repairing the laptop keyboard is costly and you are doing fine with the external keyboard, you have to disable your laptop keyboard permanently. The laptop keyboard permanently disables through the local group policy editor.

Here is a step-by-step guide to disable the laptop keyboard permanently.

  1. The first step is similar to the temporarily disabling process. Press and hold the window button and then press the R button.
  2. When the Run Dialog Box opens, type gpedit.msc in it and press the OK button.
  1. The Local Group Policy Editor window will pop up. In the left panel, go to the Computer Configuration.
  2. From there, press the Administrative Templates.
  3. Go to the System Device Installation.
  4. There you will click on the “Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings.”
  1. Here you will get three options, and you have to select Enabled and press OK.    

And your laptop keyboard is permanently disabled.

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