How to refresh outlook in 2021?

Topic: How to refresh outlook in 2021?

How to refresh outlook in 2021

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook on your PC for checking emails, I am quite sure that you would have observed a few lags in your inbox refresh rate. Usually, the Microsoft Outlook takes more time to refresh and update your mail box as compared to services offered by other web browsers like Gmail, Yahoo, Bing, and Outlook, etc. Unlike Microsoft outlook, other mail services automatically update and refresh your mail box if you receive any new message in the inbox.

The Outlook 2010 version usually automatically updates and gets refreshed after every 30 minutes when it is online. But it’s not same for every version, you’ll have to adjust the settings manually.

It becomes very annoying when there are a lot of business emails piling up in your mail box. Especially when your clients are waiting for a quick response from your side. The older versions of Outlook don’t update automatically, so you’ve to manually change the settings to increase the refresh rate of your outlook mail box. To avoid any more embarrassing situations, we’ve formulated a quick guide for your reference to update the outlook settings right away before your clients become angrier of your late responses to their emails.

How to refresh outlook in 2021? See How

In this article, I have briefly summarized the ways of how to refresh outlook in 2021? By doing so, your mail box will perform much better than it used to perform previously. Follow this step-by-step guide to make your outlook mail-box refresh automatically and manually.

  • First of all, open the Outlook web program on your PC and click on the Send and receive button.
  • Now, click on the Send and receive groups option from the drop-down menu that appears on your screen. From the drop-down menu, choose Define send/ receive groups option.
  • When you click on the Send/Receive groups, you’ll be directed to a new window named as All Accounts.  Click on Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive every option.
  • Change the minutes value from 30 to a smaller value. Please note that if you set this value to a figure which is smaller than 5 min, then your inbox might get flooded with duplicate entries. Choose a value less than 30 and more than 5.
  • After you have changed the minute values, press Close to save the changes.
  • By doing so, every new mail which drops in your mail-box will get refreshed after every (that no of minutes which you’ve set in the All-accounts dialogue box).
  • In this way, you can increase the refresh rate of your mail-box.

If you are habitual of using email services provided by the web browsers like google, yahoo, Bing, etc. Then you might find the automatic refresh rate of outlook quite low as compared to other internet-based email services. There are chances that you might get annoyed and frustrated due to the lower refresh rate of your outlook mail box. For this, you will have to manually update the settings of outlook to have a more preferred refresh rate. 

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